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chef we won an peddle look at the whether things are different this morning. that is our roof. pretty much nothing there. but the golden gate bridge it is as close to rain as without this weekend. >> it does the bill went out there but that is drizzle. it's from the dense fog out there. the bay bridge this morning roadways are wet. be careful
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that drizzle could produce wet weather as we head into the weekend much cooler weather expected also chance of rain moves in for the weekend. fog sitting around the bay all the way down to daly city and san jose and morgan hill. patchy dense fog in the north bay is wall from center rosa and petaluma. the best chance of rain kicks in sunday so early sunday 5 a.m. light rain up through the north bay starting push southward in come sending these bay and peninsula continuing through the day sunday. into the afternoon we will see widespread showers starting to move down so much of view san jose may pick up raindrops' expected to be lighter further south you are.
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then by 9:00 dealing with quite a bit of rain. wet weather a prominent part of it again forecast. 58 for san francisco 53 is san rafael warmer in the south bay. as we head through the day we get into the 80s inland '60s for the coast. >> as we start off with a looks at the bridges around the bay area because there are no major problems in the hot spots for the early morning commute thing should find up some early morning commute possible in the short freeway and the commute on 580 through downtown oakland cops leading to the bay bridge much lighter than any day this week even for the 6:00 hour. sam retail branch still looks good here let's grab the shot for you the commute direction the right side of your screen.
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plaza across the span area leader which wipers for sure. you don't see the fog here smooths traffic on 1 01 north no delays heading out of downtown. thankfully today no delays out of the coyote valley on 1 01 northbound. we had that huge problem yesterday. through the entire morning at 101 corridor was jim coming in from millwrights.
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>> of walnut creek a woman was sexually assaulted at the same apartment complex where it three similar assaults occurred over the summer. a woman in their 20s was attacked inside one of the park regency apartments meantime the berkeley man is in jail right now in connection with that other three assaults. we will have to see if this unpacks his case. >> the deadly blast december no crews are expected to clear some lots that have been red tag. homes that were demolished in december no health department says well the ash has not been tested it could be tainted with toxic chemicals. the coroner's office is examining body remains discovered from one of the homes that could be this three missing people. it could take
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several weeks before positive ideas made. hundreds of mourners mourners gathered to remember the mother and daughter who were killed in the gas line explosions during jacqueline and her 13 year-old daughter. it will be held at st. cecilia's church. 17000 people packed the church last night. >> are remarkable woman. every month. she is amazing. i will really miss her. >> line keeps growing. jackie and her daughter touched a lot of lives. by them touching so many lives it shows how much love as there is in the community. >> she was smart and attack intelligent a devoted mother she was the kind of person that you
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felt you had a gift because she was your friend. she was always smiling. she was always next to me trying to cheer me on >> this one was taken at their grandparents 50th anniversary. we had a blast that day. >> and their service is planned for just a guy who was killed in the explosion as well. that will happen this afternoon at 4:00 p.m. there will be reviewing and and a vigil at 7:00 p.m. tonight it will be held that dubious memorial. funeral services will take place them p.m. tomorrow at the church of the highlands. then she will be buried at 1:00 p.m. monday. of
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course it was kron 4 we will continue to follow this story as it evolves so keeping to and here you can see our web site to a special section has been created. >> starting monday drivers will get a chance to use the bay area's first expressly in the lane will allow slow drivers to use the carpool lane for a price. they have to pay with fast track. it runs alongside a car pulling. it will cost you 30¢-$6 depending on the time you drive. carpoolers can use that play lanes for free but this is house solo drivers can get in on that. >> a shot at the james lick freeway traffic is moving in and
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fog trucker which is light drizzle trucker. it is heavier around the bay right now but a pretty nice day later this afternoon. >> martin headlines see what it's doing on wall street stock futures up. the labor department reported on consumer prices they said prices went up in the month of august right in line with expectations we will see how traders react to that.
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legislation had to help small businesses it establishes a $30 billion fund to spur small- business lending. after the bell oracle reported quarterly profit and sales be forecast as a result oracle rose 3% in after hours trading. >> shareholders of two airlines are voting on a deal to create the world's biggest airline. united and continental will were not results of that vote today. if shareholders approve the deal will close within the next two weeks. it will be called united and run by continental see all. >> taking a break jackie's this all has been given as a good shot of the bay bridge. is looking down on the upper deck shot of the bay bridge. is looking down on the upper deck traffic flowing in time meg whitman told a lie
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a safety mechanism designed to keep the gates from slamming on you. >> of payless stock about the weather now. there to things you need to be aware of. one is there is all but out there. another is there is rain on the way. >> you might think that the rain started but it is actually dense fog. here is our shot up there right now. the temperatures are action much warmer than the were yesterday. about 67 degrees in about noontime we're getting up into the mid '70s, a high at today of 77. this is a look at where the storm is and where it is expected to move. you could be in the clear by saturday. there's still a chance of showers in the north bay but by early sunday this is when we start to see the light rain where really starts to make an appearance. by about 5:00 in the morning we're seeing quite a bunch of wet weather. as we head
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into the 7:00 hour it starts to spread southward. we're looking at some light rain and throughout the day and into the afternoon we're continuing to see it the storm dropping southward. is bringing up better chance of rain southward and into fremont and livermore and your board to continue to keep the wet weather to the forecast even until 9:00. widespread showers are expected and it will be fairly light. it will extend to the north of less and is that the showers to continue until sunday. the satellite picture shows your all of the fog is this morning as stocks and were all of the peninsula is to the east bay into santa rosa as well under seven day around the bay does continue to show those temperatures dropping off as this storm system approaches are area. it is going to be led to weekend for you. as we head into next week we are approaching the first day of fall. >> lisa, we're looking at a good
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commute around the bay area so far we have no hotspots. the five baby ride to the 24 writers and highway for ride through the county is looking pretty well. here is the bay bridge as we start to do a bridge checked at the west on friday it is still very light. they have not yet activated the metering lights. our old friend is on the metering lights this we can do not be a surprise if you see about that. you see the bulls the east vanda at, the direction out to the next. we're still moving well. on both bay shore and the knicks were 92 connects with other freeway. the golden gate bridge is well we have been talking about. is very drizzly here, it is still very serious. it is an inbound
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central freeway very light, no back that yet, is likely that we will see traffic on the connector but it is also the one on one southbound. meany, part, these strains are doing very well this morning that there are no delays reported for caltrans. >> thank you very much george's 6:21 a.m. and we have the details from the j.c. case. they have denied a claim by jaycees mother and his is said she is deserving to be it compensated because state parole evidence did not find her daughter what she was being held by captors in and talked for 18 years. the claim was not covered in the state's $21 million that she had with her greets all. >> the well state lawmakers are expected to meet again today to
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try and solve the long distance budget impact. they bet for hours yesterday trying to agree on the amount of cuts to make them what they needed on taxes. they had a resolution to a $19 billion deficit and it also marks another friday for 150,000 state workers. the dmv will be closed as well as other state offices including the public department of health. they stated $18 million a month. it isn't balding furloughs and the mandate for them in the first place. it does >> 622 m 9 now will be back with more in just a few minutes.
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and we're back as 6:25 a.m.. the latest now on the mining. they say there's a chance that the miners will be rescued by november or maybe even sooner. >> we are reaching 700 m by the
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weekend and the first stage will be finished by this weekend and as you concede the assembly of the (inaudible) that is ready to be started. and we'll reestablished. with regard to bill to comply with their dates and and everything is going faster appeare. . the miners han trapped for 43 days. >> 627 is the time right now it weather is the time of day and already have the fog is so heavy
6:28 am
that there is actually drizzle. will be back with more in just a few minutes.
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under back at 629 is turning at 630. the stock exchange is opening. yet positive territory this morning it will see if it stays that way. the latest numbers coming up regarding consumer prices. looking at inflation and it jumps 10% since august. it will see what the traders did today. we might deal to keep rallying like we have done all september. you're on the right path. >> we're seeing something we do not always see. it feels much the other this morning in here is a shot from mt. tam can't hear you concede the breeze as well as a lot of fog and in some places it is still drizzly. i feel like it won't turn around but it is. >> actually, this evening it will cool off. the weekend is going to be what one will talk
6:31 am
more about that. as a what start today not because of rain but because of drizzle. to the world's are definitely but right now it is currently 62 degrees. it will be 67 degrees by noontime and in san the sale were looking at a high of 74 degrees. there is a system coming into the north and as to make our way through the day on saturday the storm may stay in the north but we will have showers and the best chance of showers will be seen on the north location. as the head into sunday chance of rain and you can see is sunday at 5:00 in the morning, if you like rain will be there. is going to start to encompass the peninsula, bring jobs are picking up down into the pacific and as we head towards the 10:00 hour is going to start to take place in the east bay and potentially seth is well. later chance of the day is the best chance of picking up
6:32 am
showers and of course the heavy rain is when this state to the north and lighter rain to the south but even by 5:00 the showers are born to encompass many of the bay area. but at o'clock we're having many more showers and will push off as he and head into the late sunday hours here's a look at the fog. it is cake into the peninsula and down the set and even the north they bring me in quite a bit of both called for this morning and your seven day all around the bay to show your high getting up into the low seventies. it's going to change in the weekend it, it is increasing the cloud cover and a cooler temperatures and a chance for some time. george? >> we see a change of the toll bridge, there is slow traffic is starting to build up, it is not as bad as we saw yesterday or the day before. it is light enough that to even with the meter in lights on it might be hard to produce a bathtub for a while on the san mateo bridge is
6:33 am
backed of free, it hopes, not there. maybe there? how about the golden gate bridge. here's a look at the right on the 11. it looks very good. the traffic flow is still very smooth and you might see speeds produce just a bit on the wall door for it across the bridge because of the fog and you will definitely be using your windshield wipers there for the southbound arrived. i have the shot for once again and let us see if we can get here, indeed we do. there are volumes bowling for the west bound ride and still there are no problems for the toll plaza. there were fog advisory is issued in the early morning for the bay bridge and they lifted and it is still a little foggy on the attention span. that is the west side of the bridge. >> thank you very much, it iì(l+
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somewhere between 30¢ on off- peak hours up to $6 for heavy commute hours. carpoolers may continue to use the lanes at no cost. they can put the fast track transponders and a bag and it will drive under the electronic toll reader and by the way the chp says that the express lane violators will receive a ticket worth $381. >> you this morning, police this morning say five men have been arrested over an alleged threat to the pope. the men were in age range from 26 to 15 and there were all arrested at a business
6:37 am
in central london. pope benedict is not in london on sunday for four day visit. >> are to take a break, itathatr ring no carrier
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ringconnect 2400 
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he did not try to this. this is the most we have seen in some time. take a look at the going a bridge, the traffic is moving ok but it is really so foggy and so thick that it fell like rain in this whole time if the borrower is very wet so it feels like the very first rainy day. you do need to get to a lot of fog this morning and look at the delays, we of delays for 54 minutes on
6:41 am
the sfo. oakland and is looking fine. is just a warm-up for this weekend but we are wise to get there first little rain. for >> yes, we'll have more on that we said just a moment we're board to take a look at wall street it has opened up and that 10 minutes trading. a looking good so far we're 40 minutes of and the nasdaq is up by 14. we have a little bit of difference is coming up. it is very flat right now for the month of august there was a spike of three tenths of a percent and mainly due to tax on gas. the oracle is doing good to and it has beat wall street expectations for the recent quarter we're seeing some positive trades as a result. >> home sales plunged by 29 percent last month. august reached the lowest level for the month in 18 years and that compares to a year ago when sales were down 1.1 percent compared to the sales in july.
6:42 am
the median home price dips to $580,000 and is down 2%, the decrease it marks the second straight drop. >> are it will think you very much will be back with headlines and a minute. we want to get back to the fog tracker because we of so much of it, it is bay area life and especially if you're in the valley you're going to see patches of it here and there and we will follow that with lisa coming up in just a few minutes. [ bell rings ]
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and we're back at 644 a m a here's a quick look at the west and 80, is starting to back couple that the not too bad and george will have the comment on that in just a moment. a 66 degree is right outside your door it will go up about 10 degrees, you're looking at about an average of 73 degrees. there's a possibility and a certainty of rain that for some parts of the day by lisa will
6:46 am
have of look at the coming up in a bit. >> investigators are looking into whether the tornado hit the york city yesterday because the target is responsible for a least one death. you concede that tree right there where a driver was killed and a passenger was injured when a tree fell on their car right on the road in queens. the world lot of other people reported being injured, it is a fierce storm it ripped off trees and roofs, it worked over power lines and investigators are born to mount about the with and the intensity of this storm and decide whether indeed it was a tornado. >> we had some powerful thunderstorms ripped into central aisle, look at this tractor-trailer this is all but the winds were. there was hailed as well and it could have been a tornado and they're still investigating. yet seen damage here in one town south of columbus and it was just one of several towns the reported tornadoes coming to the area. as
6:47 am
you can see a damaged homes and as you can see in new york it snapped trees and host and power lines were taken right off of the polls. >> hurricane carla has become a major category c storm with winds up to near 120 mi. per hour it is hitting mexico's gulf coast and a possible hits where we are worried about the mexican government issuing a hurricane warning for 160 mi. of coastline. it stretches and reset it hodges is tracking of. >> her can carlist is a category one and igor is heading towards the east coast. it is about 120 m.p.h. winds moving to the west at nine piles per hour.
6:48 am
it made landfall and is expected to make landfall to once again later on in the day. now on to bay area weather as we head into the weekend we're seeing big changes and in fact we're dealing with a lot of fog, drizzle and by saturday we have a slight chance of showers. equivocal down that struck and of several degrees and there's a chance of rain that is going to be on your sunday could last for the data we're as we head into the day at 10:00
6:49 am
a morning your seeing showers from downtown san francisco into san mateo and oscar city. is going to encompass most of the best into the afternoon said there are some showers in places like san jose, and you and even into 10:00 9:00 hour, by 11:00 we'll see the storm pushed off. as for the storm stopping in the north they read of the peninsula and is very dense producing some drizzle. your seven day around the bay shows a decline in temperatures in wet weather on the way by wednesday of next week and that is actually the first official week of fault. >> well and smiling. for you that is a very good thing because when a traffic reporter smiles a means you're going to enjoy it a nice ride. so far the bay bridge even with metering lights on has hardly no backups it's not bad at all. just from the middle of the east parking lot. recordist are not here because there no other problems,
6:50 am
no hot spots, no slow spots. the redivivus looks nice west bound and sodas the 583 downtown oakland >> the 80 is looking mense by highway 92 in the one-on-one on and the 92 is not backed up it is a little crowded. golden gate bridge ride, we've been talking a lot about the fog here and a drizzle is well. you know that the wet pavement is very much a hazard because of the cable trail racks and be sure to use extra caution if you drive on any of those streets where you find real tracks on them, they are very slippery this morning. there no bad conditions garneau cable cars out here. the six city traffic looks good. doesn't it? on the right side of the
6:51 am
screen you can see the tail lights and is a bit of a backup rate at the live border road on the right into alamo but other than that it is a smith commute all the way to the san remain valid. james? thank you so much. it is 6:50 a.m. and an update or the police are under fire there during racial profiling. there's a new survey about people acting in community together or pact for short. 57 percent of them said nearly 1800 parishioners are related to the guadalupe church clinic live in stock without cost. a lot of them do not feel safe and 90 percent say that they do want a better relationship with police. one member says that many people are fearing the place there. >> we come from the 1800's survey and there's about 600 people who are just from here
6:52 am
and in this church. >> san jose police chief is stepping down of indian he denies allegations of racial profiling and he defends the profiling of issues. >> we bend over backwards to prevent policies on immigration and we constantly at the influx of individuals that need to be reeducated. >> as the department looks for a new chief his hiring someone with experience issue in the area of racial profiling people of color. >> the march electrocution of utility worker in indonesia for a the industrial relations has levied the fine alleging that there was a lack of enforcement of safety rules designed to protect employees. it is a transformer and of old shot him
6:53 am
on march 17th electrocuted in. away will was a hit and dragged into the port of oakland. you can sit in this photo. and in bound ship struck the whale, a 25 ft. whale and then it got stuck on the bow and, sorry about. and it was draped like that, stocks. leave it may was already dead and it appears that it does have shark bites on so they think that the sharks killed the. they're working to remove the will. >> it will afford to take a break a 62 i am will have more headlines and here's a live look from our rifkin are showing you again that the fog up their is very heavy. it is 56 degrees for the city and it will get up to 68 this afternoon, if you missed the fourth as please stick around.
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mack, let us take a peek at the
6:57 am
seven day round of a forecast. it is hard to see through the fog and drizzle. we have have the fog that is especially it surrounding the golden gate bridge. i had to make it true that, it is rough weather all to the world and we have drizzle. we've not seen any significant rain but we could see some saturday and sunday and at first it was just north they but now is going to close all of the way down to san francisco and all the whales. when >> say is the first official day of fall. life has not been here all summer. i take a look at this is is a dog getting worldwide recognition for that. >> oh my god is at his come >> it is has come for >> he will build put it back in his mouth ever. >> his name is buggy and it is 4.5 in.. it is as long as his whole body when fully extended. >> what? is like a tape measure
6:58 am
that never goes back in. >> he is in the latest edition of the guinness world records which launched today. >> is look at it hitting the pavement. that is disgusting. >> he blamed clay to it memorabilia for what your kids will say what is marked? do not love this marks? he has a 10 ft. statue of pop us mark. (laughter) he is a full grown man. will we back a few minutes.
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